Long Time No Talk

Hello readers!

It has been a while, to be sure. But I hear a lot of things fall through the cracks when you get ENGAGED!!  That’s right, I’m engaged!  My twitterpation and wedding plans have seemed to fog my mind the past month.  My wonderful fiance Spencer and I are so excited to only have TWO months left before tying the knot in Salt Lake City.  Image

I dearly love my blog and have felt pangs of guilt for neglecting it so.  Hence, this short and sweet post. 

I would like to issue a challenge to all you readers, who feel in need of a challenge.  This challenge was initially issued to me from a gym instructor and I love it. 

CHALLENGE: when you do your grocery shopping this next week, shop only around the perimeter of the store.  Do not go down any of the aisles.  This is almost a guaranteed way to find healthier, REAL foods.  I’d say if you need a treat, feel free to go down the cosmetics aisle and pick up a new finger nail polish.  That is bound to make you feel better and sexier for summer than any bag of heavy chocolate (sorry chocolate, I don’t mean to throw you under the bus). Image

So try it out for a week. See if it influences your eating habits in a positive way.

Also, in our efforts to establish healthy lifestyle patterns as a new household, Spencer and I have begun exercising more together, which is mostly great (except he outperforms me every time, despite the fact I work out twice as much as him).  We just started the Insanity DVDs.  First day was yesterday and boy is my butt feeling it today!  Loved it.  I’ll continue to give brief updates on my take of the workouts and any results gained.

Have a great week everyone!  And if any of you have any great wedding planning/reception tips, I am all ears!


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