Health Humor for us All

I wish I could take credit for writing the following brilliantly funny blog post.  I wish I could even take credit for finding it.  Alas, I have great friends who help a sister keep her blog up. (thanks Nate Bagley)

You, reader, should read this blog post entitled The Terrible Tragedy of the Healthy Eater.   If you feel like the current health craze is confusing,  fanatical, contradictory, annoying, over the top, and restricting you from eating anything besides distilled water, you will find sollace in these humorous words. 

Treat yourself to a dose of humor, read this. Afterward, laugh at yourself and at all of us who can’t help but get sucked into the health crazed world. And then eat a kale salad and continue to be healthily conscious about your health.

Snippet from the post: “You learn that…the last 10,000 years of human development has been one big societal and nutritional mess up and wheat is entirely to blame.  What we all need to do is eat like cave-people.  You’re hardcore now, so you go way past cave-person.  you go all the way to the Inuit Diet.”

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