The Time To Cleanse is Upon Us!

Yawn, stretch, yawn.  Hibernation is over.  The budding trees outside remind me spring has indeed sprung.  And like earth is doing right now, so should we be doing: CLEANSING!  Cleansing is a dirty, intimidating word to a lot of people that makes them be like:

But I assure you, if you do a cleanse that works with your body, you will discover the absolute necessity of cleansing throughout the year, (ideally quarterly).

First thing to note when considering a cleanse: THERE IS NO RIGHT CLEANSE FOR EVERYONE.   The age old cayenne pepper and lemon juice cleanse may be great for some constitutions, while it may kill other constitutions.  So I would choose a cleanse that is suitable to:

  • A) your will-power.  Do not choose a cleanse you know you cannot follow.  This is just setting yourself up for failure. 
  • B) Your lifestyle.  Think realistically about what you can do without completely disrupting your day to day life.  A cleanse will require you to sacrifice a bit of your time and perhaps social events (as most social events revolve around food)  but it’s only for a few weeks of your life.  It’s worth it and you owe it to yourself. 
  • C) Your Current Level of Health.  If you are a health nut already and eat a lot of raw foods, you may want to look at doing a deep colon cleanse using the aide of herbs.  If fruits and veggies are foreign to your diet, a more basic cleanse may be a good way to start. 

Regardless of your current eating patterns your body NEEDS to cleanse.  There are so many benefits to cleansing.  To further convince you to do a cleanse, I will highlight the more catchy reasons:

WEIGHTLOSS   If you follow your cleanse, you will notice pounds dripping off, for two reasons: 1) you won’t be eating junky foods    2)You will be giving your body a break from the hard work of digesting foods like dairy, carbs, processed foods, excess proteins, so it can focus on cleansing and eliminating the built up gunk in your system.  That gunk really packs a punch and can EASILY add an extra 5-15 pounds on the scale.  Once you begin to cleanse, that gunk caked to the sides of your intestinal tract will be released which will aid to weight and inches lost, primarily around the abdominal area.  Have I convinced you that a cleanse is a good idea yet?

ENERGY INCREASE   Just as I demonstrated in the first three words of this entry, people tend to feel sluggish as they come out of their winter hibernation, but are eager to shed their winter “coats”.  A cleanse is a great way to aide this process.  Cleansing will actually give you energy because you will be eating HIGH QUALITY FOODS, and the built up gunk (I suppose I’ll stick with the same, non-technical verbiage) will not be around to weigh you down.   REMEMBER:  it is possible to have long lasting energy without eating breads and animal products, both of which should be avoided while on any decent cleanse. 

DISEASE PREVENTION  Cancer, Candida, Hypo/hyperthyroidism, specific organ diseases, diverticulitis, allergies, Celiac, IBS are all diseases/conditions caused by poor digestion, caused by the standard American diet.   Just like teeth, our bodies produce plaque/mucus when we eat, as a defense mechanism to protect itself from chemicals, unnatural ingredients in our food.  There are over  12 organs involved in the digestion process, all with an estimated surface area to be the size of a football field!   That’s a lot of organs exposed to the foods we eat, both good and bad.   Cleansing allows your body to catch up on digestion, and clean the mucussey-hard to reach places inside the digestive tract where diseases like the ones listed above thrive.  Plaque/mucus build up is the perfect breeding ground for disease.  Similar to our teeth, we should schedule cleanings every 3-6 months for our bodies.  It only makes sense.

If you are unsure which cleanse you want to try, or don’t want to take the time to look around, might I offer a suggestion? 

For two weeks eat a diet composed only of fruits and veggies. This is not meant to be a two week period of starvation.  You should feel full at the end of every meal.  Your day should go something like this:

  • Eat as many fruits as you need to feel full throughout the morning.
  • Enjoy a huge DEEP LEAFY GREEN salad for lunch with as many veggies, nuts/seeds as you want
  • If you get the munchies throughout the afternoon, snack on raw almonds, or carrots
  • Eat a huge DEEP LEAFY GREEN salad for dinner with as many veggies, nuts/seeds as you want.
  • If you are craving sweets, figs will be your best friend. They are loaded with natural sugars and fiber.
  • If you’re absolutely dying from cravings and you feel your only options are to fall off your cleanse or eat chocolate, BUY CACAO NIBS

The deep leafy greens such as chard, kale, or spinach will act as a scrub brush throughout your digestive tract and are the best thing to help you rock your cleanse. The more you can eat the better.  DRINK TONS OF WATER  (tons meaning at LEAST 8 cups)



  • Any beverage except water
  • Breads in any form
  • Pasta
  • Processed food
  • Baked goods
  • Animal Products
  • Dairy
  • Sweets

If you are looking for a deep cleanse, which I would HIGHLY recommend, I would trust no one else besides Vicki Talmage.  She is a life-saver, literally.  She will change your life and help you to view health in a way that you never have before. 

These are the organs associated with the digestive tract

I’m telling you, cleanses are great.  They will improve your health drastically.  Not gonna lie, you’re going to be crabby the first few days because you’ll realize how much you rely on food for entertainment, happiness, or comfort.  But cleansing will let you test your strength.  After the first week, you’ll be feeling pretty good about your health and it may be easy to justify stopping.  Don’t.  Tell yourself good job and keep cleansing.  If you think there’s nothing left to cleanse, keep cleansing.  The longer you can cleanse the better.  You owe it to yourself to at least give it a try.



PS I apologize for the annoying “text enhance” popups throughout this post.  Thank you WordPress.  Anyone know how to get them to stop?!?!

Want a Reason to Not-Diet? Here Ya Go.

America spends around $2 billion on weight loss products every year. But still, our wastelines continue to grow instead of shrink.  Dieting may play a role in that and here’s why: “Dieting has been identified as a risk factor in the development of eating disorders, in particular, binge eating” ( .  In short, dieting can actually lead to OVER eating. Can anyone else relate to that statement? Anyone?

A study done by the University of Minnesota has proven what many dieters already know from personal experience: dieting does not work.    People who put themselves on a restriction diet a.k.a. starvation diet, soon start to exhibit the same psychological and physiological effects starvation has on the body.  And this eventually leads to over eating in a moment of weakness or frustration.  Ever had one of those days, amongst the shiniest of dieting days, where you make it past the afternoon munchies, and even the post-dinner cravings, only to be greeted with an annoying phone call, or a spout of bad news, that practically forces you to reach for the chocolate chips?  Restriction dieting only exacerbates such an emotion-based response.  Even unhealthily restricting your calories for only a few days can trigger overeating. 

Being a former dieter, I can tragically laugh about the following “fun facts” of diets:

  •  Dieters do what it takes to maintain a clean social image of being a “good dieter” such as lying about what and how much they eat
  • Dieters socially eat like birds while secretly feast like ravenous animals,
  • Dieters do not lose more weight than non-dieters, despite putting themselves through the ringer day in and day out (talk about depressing!)
  • Dieters often stockpile their limited amount of daily calories to  cash in for one big meal a day, often later in the evening, which actually causes weight gain
  • 45 million people go on a diet every year (Gallup poll)
  • 1/2  of teenage girls, and 1/3 of teenage boys use methods like laxatives, fasting and meal skipping to lose weight (according to the National Eating Disorder Association)
  • 41% of dieters actually gain back more weight than they initially lose whilst dieting

Dieting is hard.  It is emotional, and for majority of people, depressing.  I choose to make light of the Dieting Conundrum, because the alternative of taking it too serious, is even more depressing than the nature of dieting itself.    We are conditioned to put pressure on ourselves to be something we are not.  And failed diet after failed diet can make us doubt ourselves, rather than the advice we’re being told to follow.

So is this simply a Catch-22 for people trying to lose weight?  Most definitely NOT.  Diets fail because they do not change behavior.  Diets simply put a Band-Aid on something that is much more than skin-deep.  Dieters can, for a transitory period of time, adhere to dietary rules.  But soon self-restraint is lifted by a diet-breaking trigger like stress or fatigue, and dieting results slowly fade away. So the key is to fix the behavior.  What causes you to stress out?  Why do you eat when you’re emotional or for celebration?  I’ve mentioned this in past blog posts so forgive me for repeating, but finding and keeping balance in life will help take and keep the weight off.  One of the perks of being a health coach, is seeing first hand, how well this approach works.  People who forget about dieting, and focus on balancing out the different areas of their life, find weight loss to be a natural side effect. 

I love to hear about peoples’ dieting stories, tricks, tips, success stories, un-success stories. If you have any experience with dieting, I’d love to hear about it.   Email me privately or post on this blog if you prefer.  But I’d love to hear your stories!