Farmers Market Time!


“I love the rain the most, when it stops”, sings the sultry Joe Purdy.  I couldn’t disagree with him more.  I adore the rain.  However, these rainy days are soon to fly the coop for good.  And we will be left to greet the sunshine and summer solstice with open arms and pale skin. 
When I think of summer, one of the first things that comes to mind, are farmers markets.  I get excited just thinking about the food to be sampled, live music to listen to, jewelry to ogle, and meals to be made from their ingredients!  Utah has an abundance of farmers markets, which have gained quite a bit of momentum in the past five years.  To find one near you, check out this website.
For those of you in the Salt Lake area, the downtown farmers market starts TOMORROW from 8:00-1:00!  So gather  your cash and reusable bags and head on down to enjoy the sunshine, delicious food, and local vendors.  They are held weekly at Pioneer Park: 300 South 300 West, SLC.  Street parking is limited. However there is a parking garage directly across from the park on the west side of the street, that a lot of people overlook.   It’s the building with the large “Parking” sign on the front.
Farmers markets are great for so many reasons:
–           They are fun and entertaining for people of all ages, with great homemade foods, activities for kids, live music, and occasional hoola hooping father-daughter duet
–           They allow us to shop locally, which is a great way to keep our community’s economy  nice and healthy
–           They allow us to eat fresh, locally grown food.  When food is shipped from around the country (or world) it loses both freshness and nutrients, so the closer we are to where our food is grown, the better off we’ll be
–           They give us the opportunity to talk with the growers/farmers face to face and ask questions regarding growing techniques of their produce and/or meat.  This is a great way to foster relationships and help us realize where food actually does come from.  It’s easy to think it just comes from a grocery store.  Talking with people who actually grow food is a great way to get rid of that ignorance
–           They allow us to be involved with our communities, meet new people, and try new things
–           They are a great way to network, whether it’s for recipes, a business venture, gardening tips, crafting, or simply a weekend date, you’ll surely meet someone looking to do the same at a farmers market
–          They are a great way to support local entrepreneurs 
Here’s kind of a guide to what you can expect to see at the markets, depending on the month:
·         May; bedding plants, greens
·         June; strawberries, greens, lettuce, green onions, carrots
·         July; raspberries, tomatoes, assorted veggies
·         August; raspberries, peaches, assorted veggies, corn
·         September; watermelons, cantaloupes; assorted veggies; blackberries
·         October; gourds, squash, late melons, pumpkins, greens
See you all there!