Happy, Healthy Easter


I know it’s over a week past, but this Easter was too great not to share:
Upon arriving home for the holiday, I was greeted by none other than, the East “R” man!! Sure, the Easter bunny may go to most homes, but at my house, the East “R” man comes to visit.
Okay, actually, the East “R” man, fashioned in old fishing waiters, a nice canvas coat, swimming flippers, Coke-bottle glasses,  homemade tootoo, 1990’s ball cap, holiday lights, and kazoo lips, was a Christmas creation by our dear family friends, the Savages.  So in keeping with the tradition of exchanging one of a kind, quality presents, Dad decided to doll up the “R” man, and pay the Savage’s an Easter visit.

Rosie (the puppy) is terrified of him, and was glad to see him go.


Easter Basket Coconut cupcakes made
 with cream cheese frosting, dyed coconut,
jelly bellies and coconut milk. 
They tasted even better than they look!


A staple of every Child Easter dinner, deviled eggs; compliments of the hens in the backyard.


All I can say, is the Easter bunny knows me well. An Easter basket of kale and chocolate! 
Also included in the basket were baby carrots,squash, zucchini, eggplant…..and lots of chocolate of course.
And to end this post with some sort of nutritional advice:
What NOT to eat: PEEPS!!!!


What TO eat:  FRUIT!!!!!
                                  Substantial nutritional posts soon to follow!