Meatless Mondays!

The topic of meat consumption has become as sensitive a topic as religion.  People don’t want to be told how much, how little, or what kind they should be eating.   And to each their own I suppose.  Man vs. Food constantly reminds me that this is America, the place where you can eat a 120oz steak if you want to. 

All I’m saying, is LESS IS MORE when it comes to meat.  If you, like me, are trying to wean your family off of daily regimen of meat consumption, it may be time to incorporate Meatless Monday into your menu.  Sounds exciting doesn’t it?!  Meatless Monday is just as it sounds, no explanation needed.  I’ve decided to institute Meatless Monday into my weekly menus after a series of events that lead me down a straight and narrow path right to this decision.


On Friday, I made my favorite soup for my husband (featured here) before jetting off to a girls weekend in Park City.  My husband suggested (borderline pleaded)  I add chicken to this meat-free recipe.  I considered it, but quickly snapped out of my meat infused coma and realized that we don’t have to eat meat for every. single. meal!!  So the soup kept it’s vegetarian integrity.  A few days later, I was at my sister-in-law’s house flipping through cookbooks.   I found a cookbook that introduced me to the idea of Meatless Monday, and even devoted an entire section to the idea!!  “What a great concept”, I thought to myself; one day a week, where I get to cook a hearty meal, without meat!


The last event on my Meatless Monday Path occurred today.  My conversion was complete as I read an articlein Time magazine about how the whiny, snot-nosed beef industry threw a good old fashioned tantrum over a USDA internal newsletter suggesting USDA employees try Meatless Monday during their cafeteria ventures.  To me the meat industry and their power grabs are more annoying, whiny, and slimy than a 1960’s politician.  Their whine fired up my stubbornness and left me more devout than ever to incorporate

Vegetarian Lasagna

Meatless Monday into my home.

Meatless Chili

It’s becoming a nationwide craze.  Thousands of  cafeterias, schools, and businesses are promoting one meatless day a week.  There are many different motives in promoting Meatless Monday. Whether you’re a health nut and believe it’s good to give the digestive system a break from breaking down proteins for a day; whether you’re environmentally aware and believe it decreases our carbon footprint to eat less meat; whether you’re stubborn and are just sick of the meat industry; or whether you’re a combination of all or none of these things, try Meatless Mondays.

Meatless Enchiladas

Upon further recollection, I realized, I don’t love being on a set schedule.  And in all seriousness if I feel like honey glazed salmon on Monday, I’m going to eat it, knowing that there will be another day in the week I will not eat meat.  The overarching idea behind Meatless Monday, is to moderate your meat consumption.  Simple as that.


***Disclaimer: Stop reading now, unless you are prepared to hear my continued meat industry rantings. ****


The beef industry doesn’t take lightly to the discouragement of meat consumption.  Midwest state senators do not take lightly to the discouragement of meat consumption.  Meat lobbyists do not take lightly to the discouragement of meat consumption.   This creates a powerful trifecta, which creates a meat economy that is no more organic than the meat it produces!  Meat consumption has gone down 12% since 2007.  Rather than letting the economy do its thing and adjust naturally, Daddy Government is now set up to issue subsididies for livestock feed, buy up unsold meat only to throw it away, and close one eye toward the sanitation of animal living conditions and processing plants which process America’s grocery store beef.

Senator Grassley, a Senator from Iowa, responded to the USDA newletter outcry with the following Twit…Tweet…whatever it’s called:

I will eat more meat on Monday to compensate for stupid USDA recommendation abt a meatless Monday

Another reason why I will eat LESS meat on meatless Monday.

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