Spring has Sprung!

Google's Interpretation of Spring

Welcome to the first day of Spring!  Although the weather may choose not to observe this day, the calendar certainly does and that is good enough for me.

At the moment, it’s nature’s dormant growing season and my blog seems to have followed suit.  Summer came early for me this year with back to back trips this month.

My interpretations of Spring.

As a side effect, I have greatly neglected this blog.  And to be perfectly honest I am going to continue to neglect it for a few weeks more.  This concept of dormancy led me on a quest and I stumbled upon this definition:

Dormancy is “a state of stillness during the development of many plants, characterized by their inability to grow, though continuing their morphological and physiological activities, until they are given the stimulus in which to grow.”  

The reason behind giving you a biology lesson for today rests in the beginning of the quote: “a state of stillness during development” and the end of the quote:  “until given stimulus to grow”.

These two little quotes hit home.   The lifespan of a living thing has many dormant periods, whether it be physically, sexually, financially, geographically, mentally, etc.  This lack of movement does not signify a lack of growth.  Quite the opposite.  Just like plants, in our lives it takes a period of dormancy to provide a strong foundation for when growth producing stimuluses are obtained.  And with spring upon us, what better time to dust off, crawl out of hibernation and find those things in life that stimulate growth.

Happy spring everyone I hope you are able to enjoy it for the ups and downs it will bring. (Thank you Pinterst for making cheesy quotes like this so easy to find and so hard to resist)

On the backburner: SPRING CLEANSES

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